Annika Volkmann


About Annika Volkmann, Visual Designer in Seattle area.


Annika Volkmann

UI Design
UX Strategy
Motion Design
Voice Design
Print Production

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I was raised on a small farm and orchard in Wenatchee, Washington by two of the most clever and resourceful people I know. My mom taught me how to think creatively, and my dad instilled in me his perpetual optimism, work ethic and a love of heights.

My desire to create prompted me to apply and be accepted into the Design program at Western Washington University. Since starting my career, I've been a part of some talented teams in both marketing and software development. My experience has taught me that effective design solves problems. The solution needs to be creative and collaborative in order to succeed. I approach every design by asking the question: What are we trying to accomplish here?

I'm always looking for the next design puzzle to work on. So send me a message. Let's solve something together!